Main research fields in the department

Quantum information theory, information geometry, CAR algebras and the geometry of the quantum mechanical state space Attila Andai Associate professor
József Pitrik Assistant professor
Tamás Tasnádi Assistant professor
Mihály Weiner Assistant professor
Inverse scattering theory, eigenvalues of the Schrödinger operator Miklós Horváth Professor
Numerical analysis, numerical solutions of partial differential equations and operator splitting theory Róbert Horváth Associate professor
Numerical solutions of partial differential equations and numerical functional analysis János Karátson Associate professor
Approximation theory András Kroó Professor
Ákosné G. Horváth Senior research fellow
Operator algebras and functional analysis Béla Nagy Professor Emeritus
Differential equations and its applications, reaction kinetics, modelling with Mathematica János Tóth Associate professor
Rudolf Csikja Assistant lecturer